Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh, thee Lord!

what's up?
what's up?

what's the hell going on!

Oh, thee Lord help us
Look at us
Make us happy

looking for wisdom
coming and going places to get it
but can't found what I've sought for
Maybe it's a rare jewel
need some patience
need some time
need more to seek

after all, I don't know why?

looking for an answer
the answer of a Q named why?

why people kill themselves by their own hands
why it is going day by day worse and worse
why people neglect the true honest love

Oh, thee Lord
help us
Look at us, don't neglect us
Make us happy, don't make us sad no more

No more, no more
I can't take anymore
anymore of this
sucking darkness
getting out of light

Maybe, I've done lots of wrong things
Yeah, at least I'm guilty much deal about me, myself

Oh, thee Lord help us
Look at us
Make us happy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Words

When I starts writing something with my pen or typing with my home or office keyboard; I don't know why I feel so good? Maybe, that is because of my loneliness or just to make friend with words. I sometimes make lots of mistakes when I write in the old traditional way, when I do it with a pen and a piece of paper. There is some useful programs making it easy with error-checking or spell-checking option that correct any mistakes in your written text.

Words, words, words; my sweet forever friends.

There is 26 letter in English alphabet. There exists lots of word in it; but after all the number of them is limited and of course countable. Maybe, it is around millions words in this language but as well as you know an ordinary one knows and uses hundreds of them in his or her life. There is an interesting thing around it that is you can make unlimited sentences, columns, articles, writings, papers, magazines, scripts, books, novels and literatures with these limited words.

What does drive us to make unlimited things with limited things? What do you think about it?
I think it is one's mind or thoughts or one's imagination that makes it.

"Word by word the book is made." The nice saying this is. You can use a word or some words for the title of your writing and with specifying this title or headline you can go and explore an idea and makes a big book with it. The whole thing seems to be very simple; but what it takes to bring it to reality is nothing more than an art and this art is something very nice to gain after writing and thinking about things. It is all you and your mind to make it or not. I believe that everybody has had this potential. Also, it depends on how you get it to work on or not. The valuable and precious brain cells. I as someone, or a bit sand of a desert, sometimes waste them in wrong ways but it's not all to blame us because sometimes you can have a free will of things go around and beyond your life.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Created Quotes

Lots of my created quotes circling around my mind today. The best of them are as following:

One should stand, one should fall.

Failure is not my option.

Knowing something makes you responsible about it.

I'm here to redefine the definitions.

Change things according to your orders before being the change of others' order.

Don't fear from the death; because if you do so, it will get nearer to you.

Affect, not be effected.

Debate if you call on to something.

Always look for a fixed point in your life which is you, yourself.

Always be yourself, not others fool.

Never ask for something twice, once is enough.

Love is a big lie; but, even you can believe that big lie.

Vanity, vanity, vanity the favorite sin of the ... .